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Kentucky Wildcat Football: UK and UL will fight about anything ... including ticket sales

For two “basketball schools”, the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals have plenty of bad blood flowing before their September 2 football game.

Already this summer, we have debated urinal stickers and wayward billboards.  Today, the topic of debate is ticket sales.

According to the University Louisville, the University of Kentucky has returned more than 2000 tickets for the season opening game at Louisville.   Almost immediately, Twitter exploded and there appears to be a mini-controversy afoot.  It seems that a lot of UK fans did not know anything about any tickets being for sale and felt that UK had dropped the ball on informing Kentucky fans:

Mary Stewart@Mswilcat

@buzzbaker why didn’t UK offer those tickets to the fanbase…or kfund 110% folks. Did fans miss some ticket alert…

Larry Vaught had some questions as well:

Vaughts' ViewsVaughts’ Views@vaughtsviews

Got another email claiming that UK really did not return all those tickets. Anxious to see if UK releases official statement on this

Vaughts' ViewsVaughts’ Views@vaughtsviews

              So that makes me wonder, did you know Kentucky had Louisville tickets for sale or not. Going on with Tom Leach soon. Let me know

Vaughts' ViewsVaughts’ Views@vaughtsviews

              Question from former UK player on UK-UL tickets: The underlying question I would have is, “who knew UK had tickets to sale?”. I didn’t


So it appears we have a legitimate debate going on about football tickets and how they are made available to fans.  Even John Clay has weighed in and said to expect an official difference of opinion from UK as to the legitimacy of the returned tickets.  Following the posts on twitter, the common consensus is that Louisville sent Kentucky tickets that can only be sold to season ticket holders and not the general public.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but that type of ticket policy (if it exists) makes no sense to me.

The bigger question is why, if tickets were sent back, why were they sent back three and a half weeks before the game.  A lot of this makes no sense to me, but I am sure the truth will fall somewhere beteen the UK and UL camps version of the “truth”.

As expected, the bird brains from Louisville are chirping loudly about how Kentucky does not support their team.  Let’s not forget that last year a similar thing happened with Kentucky saying Louisville returned tickets and the Card fans got all defensive about it.  Louisville later released a statement saying they had not returned tickets.  Let’s see what happens with the Kentucky brass.

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