Reese Phillips, 2013 Kentucky Football commit. Image Credit: Chattanooga Times-Free Press

Interview with Kentucky Wildcat 2013 Football commit Reese Phillips

Reese Phillips, a rising senior quarterback out of Signal Mountain High School in Tennessee, recently joined Wildcat Blue Nation for an interview.  Phillips is in the Class of 2013.

Daniel Solzman:  Thanks for joining Wildcat Blue Nation today.  How are things going in Tennessee?

Reese Phillips:  Things are going great here in Tennessee.  The city of Chatanooga and the town of Signal Mountain are eating this commitment up.  Everyone is going crazy and very excited for this decision of Kentucky.

Daniel Solzman:  Is it weird living in Tennessee and telling people that you are going to Kentucky to play football?

Reese Phillips:  It’s definitely ironic because I grew up the biggest Tennessee fan there was and now going to Kentucky.  I definitely didn’t see it coming but I’m very happy it’s starting to feel more normal wearing blue and saying I’m going to be a Wildcat.

Daniel Solzman:  You had offers from Kentucky, Memphis, Mississippi State, and Middle Tennessee State.  How did you end up choosing Kentucky?

Reese Phillips:  The biggest thing with Kentucky is I’m the only QB they want, which is especially rare in the SEC.  Also, the coaches are awesome.  Coach (Randy) Sanders is one of my all time favorites and Coach (Joker) Phillips immediately treated me as one of his own.

Daniel Solzman:  The only quarterback in 2013?  Do you think that is because Patrick Towles is in this summer’s incoming class of 2012?

Reese Phillips:  It could be because of that but to be hand picked by someone like Randy Sanders is very special and to be the only one he wants is pretty great.

Daniel Solzman:  Who would you say you most resemble as a quarterback and who was your favorite quarterback while growing up?

Reese Phillips:  I have always idolized Peyton Manning but as far as resembling someone, maybe Aaron Rodgers or someone like that.

Daniel Solzman:  Now that your college search is out of the way, are you looking forward to your senior year without having to worry about making additional visits to other campuses?

Reese Phillips:  I’m definitely excited for my senior year and being able to relax and really have no worries  It will definitely help.

Daniel Solzman:  What did you think of your visit to Lexington prior to committing?

Reese Phillips:  I loved the campus.  It fit my personality perfect and it felt a lot like home in every way.  It was a perfect fit immediately.

Daniel Solzman:  Thanks for joining us and good luck during your senior year!

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