Does Kentucky Get Treated Differently?



The recent ending to the series between Kentucky and Indiana, and seeing the Christian Watford shot played everywhere again, got me thinking on something. Does the media really treat Kentucky differently? One of the biggest examples recently, would be the celebration of Indiana’s win vs. Kentucky and the celebration by UK fans after winning the National Championship. 

“Watford for the win… GOT IT!!!” As soon as Watford hit the game winning shot and the Indiana fans stormed the court (because you know, great programs do that…), no one cared that Darius Miller got trampled on by thousands of fans. That could have potentially have been horrible for Miller and UK if he was to have been injured. No one seemed to care about that. Or how about the Playboy model that was injured as a result of the celebration? I mean come on! A Playboy model getting injure doesn’t make the national media? Here check it out for yourself. There are several more incidents like this that occurred. Nothing reached national media.
UK wins the National Championship. Kentucky fans celebrate. Normal right? 2 people were shot and injured in the celebration. This was way blown out of proportion. Every school every year that wins the National Championship, or the Final Four for that matter, have incidents like this every. single. year. Don’t here about these incidents? Exactly my point. Why does Kentucky get treated differently than other teams/schools? It’s just something to think about. Your thoughts?

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