Apr 2, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Anthony Davis (23) collides with Kansas Jayhawks forward Kevin Young (40) as he shoots during the first half of the finals in the 2012 NCAA men's tournament. Image Credit: Richard Mackson, US Presswire

Changing of the Blarge

As underreported as it might be, the decision by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee to review the Block-charge (Blarge) calls may have been the best thing for college basketball.  After so many controversial calls this past season, the committee made what I feel to be the best decision.

I don’t know how many times that I saw an official call a charge against Kentucky when the defender clearly slid into the play.  What should have been a blocking foul turned into a charge a countless number of times.  It didn’t really matter whether a defender was in the restricted semi-circle or not, the official almost aways called it a charge.

Here’s what will happen under the new guidelines when it comes to the Block-charge:

Before the offensive player (with the ball) becomes airborne, the defender must have two feet on the floor, be facing the opponent and be stationary to draw a charge. Otherwise it should be a blocking foul.

Secondary defenders (help defenders) moving forward or to the side are also in violation, and these should be blocking fouls.

Contact that is “through the chest” is not de facto proof of a charge. The rule in its entirety must be considered before determining a foul.

In some cases, it appears that a defender is being rewarded solely for being outside the arc, without considering the other aspects of the rules.

My thoughts are that this will be better for the dribble-drive offense because of all the lobbing and slashing to the rim.  I don’t know how many times that players like Marquis Teague or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist picked up a charge on what looked to be a blocking foul on the replay.  That does not matter anymore because the season is over and we won the championship.

It does matter for next season.  Even with what little I have seen of the incoming class, it would not surprise me to see more of the same offensive sets.  When all is said and done next season, the officiating should be improved.  Gone will be all these horrible calls.  At least, we hope the horrible calls will be gone.  There’s still the case of official reviews at the monitor but the current chatter is limited to the final minutes of the game but that’s another story for another day.

In the meantime, we await the arrival of the 2012-13 season for the correct call to be made on the block-charge…or Blarge for shot.

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