Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Help us select the 30 Most Impactful Players

Lots of comparisons have been made about the players that have come to Kentucky the last few years and made a huge impact, both on the court and in our hearts.  But looking at the history of Kentucky basketball, we have tons of players that have significantly impacted us as fans.  Some have gone on to star in the NBA.  Others have won titles in college and earned a piece of their own in Wildcat history.  But what players have been the most impactful in Kentucky Wildcat history?  Keep in mind we are looking at their life after college basketball and the NBA as well.  Cameron Mills was never a star, but he left a huge impact on me.  Is he in your top 30?

That is what we are going to find out and we can use your help.  What was more impactful for you?  Rex Mania or the UniBrow?  The Twin Towers of Bowie and Turpin or Boogie and Patterson?  So, BBN, we need your help.  We want to know your 30 most impactful players were of the last 30 years, from 1981-82 all the way to 2011-12.   During the month of June, we will be counting down your list of players from 30-1 and doing profiles on some great Kentucky legends.  And the best thing is YOU get to decide!!

Simply email me at [email protected] and get me your list by the top 30 players by midnight, May 15.  Just keep your list to 30 and for the sake of argument, let’s keep the “Unforgettables” seperate and list them individually.  We want to rate the top players rather than list them all as a group.  This is going to be a great way to get the pulse of the BBN and hear who you think were the most impactful players from 1981-82 to 2011-12.

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