Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Amile Jefferson vs. Anthony Bennett

Of the four top 25 prospects remaining in the Class of 2012, Kentucky is still being considered by two of them; Amile Jefferson and Anthony Bennett. Both have been able to keep their recruiting process under wraps thus far and the possibility of signing both players is not likely, but the chance of getting at least one of these guys is pretty high. Instead of talking about what has happened throughout their recruitment so far, I’m going to break down the game of both of these players and let you decide which one you’d rather have.

Mar 24, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; McDonalds High School All American forward Anthony Bennett (22) poses during a photo shoot for the 35th McDonalds High School All American Game to be held at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Anthony Bennett is a big bodied power forward with a nice shooting stroke from ten to twenty-two feet out. His size allows him to move opposing players around in the post and grab rebounds on both ends of the floor. His post game is something that still needs to be improved before reaching the college level, but it is something that can be done before the start of next season. All in all, there is a reason Bennett is ranked seventh on ESPNU’s Top 100 and will make an immediate impact wherever he goes. Bennett lists Kentucky, Oregon, UNLV, and Florida as the possible places for him to play ball next year.

Mar 24, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; McDonalds High School All American forward Amile Jefferson (35) poses during a photo shoot for the 35th McDonalds High School All American Game to be held at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Amile Jefferson is a long, athletic forward who uses his length well on the offensive and defensive ends of the court. He can be compared to Darius Miller with his size and ability to score by driving baseline, but will not be as consistent of a jump shooter as Miller. Length is key on the defensive end and Jefferson will be able to use his length well at the next level. His long arms and quickness make it tough for offensive players to get a good shot off. Duke has long been the favorite for him, but Kentucky and North Carolina State are the two other schools being considered.

Both players possess skills needed to win a national championship and will without a doubt make an immediate impact for whichever team signs them. Two players playing the same position, with two completely different styles of play. Let Wildcat Blue Nation here your thoughts on who you would rather have wearing the blue and white next season by commenting below the post.

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  • Wildcard27

    I feel that rebounding will be a primary need on next years team! For that reason alone, I want Bennett for next years team. Jefferson would also fill the need at the power forward position. You really cannot go wrong with either player. They both seem like quality young men that would be a great benefit to any team. If we get one of them, I will be very happy!

  • gmc33147

    Couldn’t agree more with Wildcard27. And I think that Bennett fits the team needs better. However, I have heard that he may not have all of his academics in place. Can anyone shed light on that?

  • James Streble

    After some research, I couldn’t find anything about Anthony Bennett’s academics. I have not heard or read anything at all, but that’s not to say that he is all clear. After all, Pete Thamel put out some tweets right after Nerlens Noel committed to UK about his academics not being up to par, but I think we all have to consider the source on that one.
    The fact that we aren’t hearing anything at all leads me to believe that Bennett is in the all clear as of now. But if you find anything, please share!

  • WildcatBlueNatn

    I have not heard anything about Jefferson and Bennett’s academics. I don’t think Coach K would go after a player who may not qualify *sarcasm*, but from what I have heard, these two are OK.  Maybe you are thinking of Torian Graham?  he is the only one I know of that may be a question

  • gmc33147

    That’s all good to hear. Actually it might be a blessing to have some of these freshmen strengthen their academics and mature for a year before they were pushed on to the big stage. But that’s another whole issue for college basketball.

  • BrettWayne

    if he doesn’t have good academics then he’s a shoe in for a calipari team….someone will take the tests for them im sure

  • WildcatBlueNatn

    Wow Brett, what a truly original thought you have.  Did you think of that yourself?  It may to surprise you to know that Kentucky’s GPA and APR are both in the upper half of the SEC, but facts don’t matter to trolls like you.  Why come to a Kentucky site if you are just going to spew tired logic?
    Get some new material and educate yourself

  • DavidBoling

    Calipari is a great recruiter and coach.  If he was as dirty as some say, the NCAA would have hung him already.  There are very few coaches who can take a group of top players who are interested in the NBA and get them to play together effectively as a team.  He is the best at that.  Amile Jefferson is waiting on Bennett.  If Bennett goes to Kentucky, Jefferson will go the NC State or Duke.  He can set screens at Duke or play backup PF at State.  Calipari’s problem is that he is too good and the competition doesn’t like it.  

    • James Streble

       @DavidBoling Well said