Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Recruiting: Andrew and Aaron Harrison have Kentucky in top four

It’s a good thing John Calipari spent part of his weekend checking out the Harrison twins in Pittsburgh as they have Kentucky as one of their top four finalists right now.  It’s not a set four, as Andrerw has stated that “another team could come up” but as of now, the teams in the lead are Kentucky, Villanova, Baylor, and Maryland.  Andrew also confirmed that the twins are a package deal and Kentucky should be one of the few teams that can keep a couple of scholarships available for a while.  It will be interesting to see if any teams drop out if they feel they are falling behind due to the package deal nature.  It is somewhat a risk to keep two scholarships open and possible pass on other players, but Calipari will be in it till the end for the huge payout.

I think Kentucky is in very good shape for the twins and could be a co-leader with Maryland.  Maryland has been recruiting them forever and the Harrison’s grandmother lives near Baltimore.

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