Kentucky Football: Let's Talk Attrition

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Justin Henderson

Monday Kentucky confirmed the departure of three more football players from the program. Tim Patterson, Justin Henderson, and Nermin Delic are all defensive players whom are no longer with the team. Henderson and Patterson left UK of their own accord to seek playing time that wasn’t available to them in Lexington. Delic was dismissed for the mysterious “violation of team rules” ending a feel-good comeback story on his part.

The announcement caused a stir amongst fan and internet message boards overflowed with theories of why these once-promising prospects have left the team, joining several others before them. There is a perception that head coach Joker Phillips has driven off too many players and is too quick to dismiss  transgressors. It does seem that Phillips has a nearly zero tolerance policy for breaking the rules but the idea that he is driving out good players is just silly. If Phillips is alienating players, he must be doing a poor job since Kentucky currently has so many guys on scholarship this year that they cannot offer a full allotment of 25 scholarships to this year’s recruiting class.

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