Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Why the "Cinderella" persona does not fit the Louisville Cardinals

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The Louisville Cardinals are playing the part of Cinderella, you know, the team that wasn’t supposed to make it to the Final Four, but somehow they magically waltzed their way onto dance floor with the other beauties. The head coach, the players and the fans are almost giddy with excitement, talking about “shocking the world” and how they “aren’t supposed to be here.” It’s truly a special time for those in Cardinal land.

Put on the brakes. Louisville isn’t Cinderella. They are more like one of her ugly step-sisters. The “Cinderella Status” is usually reserved for those teams that are mid-majors that truly shock everyone by defeating the big boys. Butler, VCU, George Mason, Northern Iowa and Creighton are all teams that fit this description quite nicely.

Louisville, on the other hand? I don’t think so.

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