Kentucky Wildcats Mens Basketball: Why Kentucky Should Win the National Championship

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Mar 25, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Kentucky Wildcats fans react against the Baylor Bears during the finals of the south region of the 2012 NCAA men

I could end my post here and I’m sure you would agree thus far. Heck, you’re all fans. You know why or how Kentucky should win the national championship. It is there for the taking for what seems like the first time in a while. The stars are aligning, the match-ups are there, and the odds are ever in our favor. (Hunger Games reference, sorry if you don’t catch it.)

Various media outlets from websites to radio hosts seem to have taken a side if Kentucky should win the national championship. Most spew reasons because Coach John Calipari is a cheater. Most say because what Calipari is doing is immoral or wrong. Most say that Kentucky can win it if they want, because it will be vacated in two years anyway. I feel they are all missing very valid points and looking over the specialness of this team.

So here are some reasons Kentucky should win the national championship that the media isn’t paying attention to.

The fans deserve it.

Kentucky fans get call obnoxious. They get called ridiculous. They get looked down on by other fan bases because of their rabid tendencies. “Yew of Kay” fans according to most rival message boards are nothing but hill jacks who spend their money on tickets instead of the wellbeing of their family. I say this because I’m sure I’ve been categorized as one of these types of fans at some point in my life. A lot of times I ask people why do they hate Kentucky so much, whether it be on Twitter, on Facebook, Youtube. Whatever medium it is, I’ve posed this question. The number one answer I get: the fans. I went to the Georgia Dome is past weekend to watch Kentucky in the sweet sixteen. As Kentucky finished running Baylor off of the floor, I sat down to take it all in. I looked around and I saw grown men with tears in their eyes, couples hugging and an overall sense of happiness and if any of those who hate Kentucky would have been there, I think they get what I mean when I say, this fan base deserves it.

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