WBN Headlines: Kentucky, Syracuse expected to have top seeds

As the Big Blue Nation prepars for their first invasion of New Orleans this postseason, all eyes seem to be previewing the Cats in the NCAA Tournament rather than the SEC Tournament. In a teleconference earlier today, Selection Committee Chairman Jeff Hathaway said that Kentucky and Syracuse have all but secured the top two seeds in the tournament. ”I think we all agree that if the season ended today, we know who the two best teams are. If you’re looking at 3 and 4 on the first line and the entire second line, we have the same handful of teams in mind but where they would be laced will be a tremendous debate.” The conference tournaments this weekend should determine many of the final seeding selections for many teams, but Kentucky and Syracuse are both secure locks for top seeds. ”The bottom line is, everyone today knows that if the season ended, we would say those two teams are the best in the country,” Hathaway said.

Darius Miller has no doubt been somewhat of a leader for this young squad this season. With a freshman majority, the senior has stepped his game up and has become a go-to guy for the Cats in most games. Over at SLAM Magazine, they did a Q-and-A with Darius, and asked him on his thoughts from this season and his expectations for March.

SLAM: What’s the one thing you would tell your teammates to prepare them for March Madness?

DM: The biggest thing is realizing the moment and recognizing the opportunity that’s in front of us. This opportunity doesn’t come around all the time, and we have the chance to fully take advantage of it. Let’s go win it.

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