Last real home test is on Saturday as Vanderbilt looms ahead for the Kentucky Wildcats

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The Wildcats have two remaining SEC home games against Vanderbilt and Georgia. I don’t want to totally dismiss the Bulldogs, but I don’t think they are a threat to the ‘Cats at home on senior night. Therefore I view Vandy as the last real home test for them this season. The Commodores have reeled off three straight wins against the dregs of the SEC (UGA, South Carolina and Ole Miss) after the home loss to Kentucky. Vanderbilt really isn’t in any danger of missing the tournament, so they aren’t very desperate at this point. But their shooting from the perimeter is an area for concern and Kentucky’s defense will be tested come noon on Saturday.

Feb 23, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino reacts in the second half against the Cincinnati Bearcats at the FifthThird Arena. The Bearcats defeated the Cardinals 60-56. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

I’m not sure if you caught the Louisville at Cincinnati game last night, I only caught part of it because the show “Game of Thrones” is about 1,000 times more exciting than the Louisville offense, but the Dirty Birds lost to a mid-level Bearcat team. Louisville has not defeated a team in the Big East that has an above .500 conference record and look very pedestrian at this point. Rick Pitino had some thoughts about why his team lost and all he could come up with was that the officials stunk. Take a look and try not to cringe at his arrogance:

Not many NCAA coaches call out the officials (or members of the media for that matter) as quick as Pitino. He and Jim Boeheim have it down to a fine art. It’s time for Pitino to understand that his team isn’t very good and no team can go five to ten minutes without scoring every game and expect to win. Just a thought.

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