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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Great Mississippi State game, Horrible Officiating

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I  rarely have much to say about the basketball cats, but I have to speak my mind after the Mississippi State game last night. We all knew that Kentucky was in for a tough game as soon as it was known the Ted Valentine would be calling the game. The fact that I even know the name of a college basketball referee is not a good thing. Ole Teddy didn’t disappoint either and he even managed to draw the other two referees into his world. The animations last night were ridiculous. Instead of simply holding his hands up and making the call to the scorers table, Valentine finds it necessary to act like he was in a broadway play with his over-the-top signals. Why he can’t just roll his hands like every other ref does when calling a walk I will never understand. The guy puts his shoulders into it and wiggled his hips in what I can only assume is a ploy to get a confused camera man to watch him.  On top of the animations and outlandish physical exaggerations, Valentine proved last night that he is a complete idiot. The technical fouls were ridiculous and some of the calls were just mind boggling.

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