WBN 4PM Headlines: Kentucky can Clinch SEC Tonight

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If Kentucky is able to pull off the road win against Mississippi State tonight, the Cats would clinch at worst a tie for the SEC regular season championship. A win and a loss by Florida, who plays at home against Auburn tonight, would give the Cats the outright championship. Amazingly, it would be only their second in the last seven years., but their 45th overall. The Bulldogs will look to thwart that, as they are on a three game losing streak which has put their NCAA Tournament hopes in jeopardy.


Wall Becoming a True NBA Point Guard

John Wall has had a very challenging first two NBA seasons. His teams have lost triple the amount of games they’ve won. His head coach was recently fired. And his wreckless style of playing point guard has led to horrendous shooting numbers and an absurd amount of turnovers. Wall has begun to discover how to play point guard in the NBA lately, and over the last moth has averaged 18 ppg on 48% shooting, 8.3 assists per game, and cut down to only 4 turnovers per game. This past week he was  named NBA Fantasy Insider player of the week at the point guard position. The biggest stat they made note of was Wall’s 56% shooting from the field this past week alone. Earlier in the year, Wall took a number of bad shots, simply because no one on his team was making shots consistently and he felt he had to carry his team. He has begun to let the game come to him and not force the action, and that is what makes a true NBA point guard. It hasn’t shown up in the Wizards record, as they are currently 7-25. Wall has no supporting cast to speak of, and here’s to hoping Anthony Davis finds his way to Washington next year.

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