Rick Stansbury: C'mon Son

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What does Stansbury stand to gain from saying to the media “I saw his stats the other day in SEC play.  Did he make or attempt one shot?”  Or this gem “He’s seeing some pretty good basketball.  He’s getting a front row ticket every night.  Yes sir.”  I cannot believe a coach actually said that about a former player, but then again, it is Stansbury, so I can’t be that surprised.  This is the guy who whined endlessly about a missed call in the SEC Tournament two years ago which UK ended up winning in overtime and who took the side of Renardo Sidney through every boneheaded thing he has done, which has been a lot.  I guess if a guy is willing to put one player above the team and let him decide when he goes on trips (summer trip to Europe ring a bell?).  I guess his star players don’t need the team camaraderie, or he was scared he would punch a player (again) for not letting him get some nachos.

No, it really isn’t much of a surprise I guess.  I mean Beckham only started five games for him his sophomore year and decided he would rather come home to a loaded team where minutes would be limited than playing a lot for that coach.  That probably should have told us all we needed to know about Stansbury.  But, then today he showed us why he is one of the least liked coaches in the SEC again, by taking a shot like this at a former player.  To Twany’s credit he did fire back with what I thought was a hilarious tweet: “That dude wanna coach where i’m playin at…not worried at all.”  Kudos to you Twany for sticking up for yourself and telling it like it is.  This is comment that he literally cannot say he didn’t mean it the way the media wrote it, because there is no other way that it can possibly be interpreted.

I was thinking how stupid this whole ordeal was until it hit me, Stansbury just lost any chance he had of sneaking up and getting a win against UK.  They may still win, but they won’t be sneaking up on UK, now you can be sure they have UK’s full attention.  Calipari is big on protecting his players, and has shown this by not commenting when they mess up, and always taking the blame for any loss.  He also preaches being your brothers keeper.  What do you think this will do to the team now that the team they are playing tomorrow night’s coach takes a shot at one of their brothers?  I will tell you, it is going to piss them off.  Expect UK to come out with all kinds of fire from the tip tomorrow and try to put it on MSU from the tip, and don’t think Calipari won’t be reminding them of it before the game tomorrow.

Now all of those worries I have had about MSU sneaking up on UK and catching them off guard have now faded away.  I hope UK puts a major beat down on them tomorrow and Twany gets his first points as a Wildcat, I know we all are glad he made the decision to UK and expect him to be extremely hyped during the game tomorrow.

So Rick Stansbury you have given this UK team, the #1 team in America, a reason to want to punish your team tomorrow, and I just want to say this about your comment: Appreciate it.

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