Welcome to Earth, Murray State

No more unbeatens left in college basketball here tonight as this game just went final and Murray State just went down to Tennessee State at home, 72-68. While this isn’t about Kentucky sports. I think it’s safe to mention Murray State because I personally can’t wait to see where they are seeded in the tournament, and hopefully they aren’t seeded in Kentucky’s bracket, for plenty of reasons but one is I want to be able to cheer for the small team from the west.

While they go down, no unbeaten teams are left, leaving Kentucky a top the basketball mountain with one of the longest winning streaks, their only loss coming to Indiana.

It will be interesting to see how far Murray State drops in the polls, but I’m guessing they drop a pretty far piece, considering they play a very weak schedule and the fact they lost at home. I’m guessing 16 or 18, or somewhere in between. We will find out Monday.

Luckily they still have a shot at a high seed in my opinion if they get win their Bracket Buster game against St.Mary’s which will be a great one.

So grab your friend from Murray or Facebook them, Tweet them and tell them…Welcome back to Earth…Friend.

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