Is Shabazz Muhammad Really Going To UCLA?

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In the world of Internet and false sources, who can you really trust nowadays? The site for UCLA has stated that Shabazz Muhammad has indicated that he will got to UCLA along with Tony Parker. I this is true, it is a huge loss for Coach Calipari and Kentucky. Many thought a couple weeks back that Shabazz was almost a lock for UK. Maybe things have changed for him, maybe the site is not being truthful, who knows. We will find out when he signs that LOI.

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  • WildcatBlueNatn

    I’m not buying the Shabazz story either. IIf we lose Shabazz to anyone, it will be UNLV. Either way, Calipari is going to land at least one of these three: Muhammad, Noel, and Bennett …. maybe two. Or three

  • RichterNYR35

    As a west coaster living in Lexington now Ill tell you exactly why he doesn’t go to UK. Big Blue Madness. The fans here are too nuts for someone from the west coast. Look at Cal’s recruits from out west. 2 from Oregon, that is all. People from out west are more laid back, mostly because there are other things to do.

    He won’t go to UNLV because he wants to compete and get better. He will go to UCLA for 3 reasons. #1 It’s only a 4 1/2 hr drive home

    #2 Kyle Anderson, one of his best friends has already committed to UCLA

    #3 If there is one thing that most top level recruits lack it’s defense. And if there is one thing Ben Howland knows, that is defense.

  • WildcatBlueNatn

    You have some good points there, but I don’t really subscribe to #2 and #3. UNLV is closer and more competitive for him and no one is better defensively this season than Calipari. Nerlens Noel has made Shabazz more of a luxury than a “must” for Kentucky if UK can get Noel

  • RichterNYR35

    First off, You really think that the Mountain West Conference is more competitive than the PAC-12? The only conference that is more competitive in basketball than the PAC-12 year in and year out is the Big East.

    And as far as the Defensive standpoint. UCLA is a defense first team. As long as Howland is there, that is what it will be. It’s why Kevin Love and Russel Westbrook both choose UCLA. Cal tends to have a high octane team because those are the kinds of players he recruits. I’m not saying that he doesn’t get good defensive players. Davis is having a monster year. All I’m saying is that Howland better prepares players for a commitment to playing defense.

    • Paul Jordan

      It’s a good debate but this year, the MWC has 2 ranked teams and the PAC-12 has none. Both teams will probably get 3 teams in the NCAA. Plus consider the UNLV is near his home as opposed to a 4.5 hour drive …. and UNLV is attractive. Throw in the fact that ULLV has Khem Birch and could pull Anthony BEnnett and Shabazz and UNLV is hard to beat. I don’t know what is in the mind of Muhammad in regards to defense but Calipari sends more players to the NBA than Howland and UNLV combined right now. And Kentucky is playinag the best defensive basketball in the country as well.

      I remember when the rumor was going to be USC as well for Shabazz. I really have no dog in the fight where he goes if not Kentucky, but UNLV has a lot to offer and it is a down year for the PAC – 12……