All speculation points to Derek Willis becoming a Kentucky Wildcat today

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Trying to predict where a college basketball player will go is a lot like reading tea leaves. It’s a shot in the dark a best but you can always say “I told you so” when you are right. And to be honest, a pot of tea leaves are about as reliable as the “sources” a lot of sites say they have to predict where a recruit is going.  I remember during the Alex Poythress commitment morning, one site tweeted out that they had “sources” that told them he would attend Memphis AND Kentucky.  It’s a good ole case of “CYA” and in the end, they can always say “I told you so”.

I’m going to be honest with you.  I have no sources on Derek Willis and I personally have no clue where he is going.  HOWEVER … if you follow the buzz out there , there is a pretty strong buzz that Willis will be a Wildcat.  I have yet to find anyone that thinks he is going anywhere else, but there have not been “point blank period” statements made either.

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