Kicking off Louisville Hate Week

Hello again Wildcat Blue Nation Family. I have been MIA for the past week due to the birth of my new-born son. Paul kept you guys up to date on the birth and even posted a snazzy picture of my dapper little gentleman. And to that, I am thankful.

The one thing that you cannot prepare for as a new parent is the lack of any sleep and rest. I have not slept for more than four hours at a time since last Sunday. I’m tired, I’m cranky and I need an outlet for my anger and frustration. What better way to do it that bash the ever-living daylights out of the Louisville Cardinals all week-long as we prepare for the showdown on New Years Eve in Rupp Arena.

All this week you all will be treated with a steady dose of Louisville hatred and mockery. I have a nice little piece that I am cooking up for my midnight post, so come back later for that.

Until then, Headlines.

– The NBA finally tipped off its shortened season yesterday and some former Wildcats made some noise but none louder than Rajon Rono. I am a huge Celtics fan and watched them play against the Knicks. Rondo was one of the few Boston players that looked ready to go after the long lay off from the lock out. Rondo finished with 31 points and 15 assists. I doubt there will be anymore Rondo trade rumors.

– The were no Louisville Cardnial players that did anything worth a look yesterday in the NBA. Louisville First, player’s careers and life after college second.

– There is a game before the Cats take on Louisville this Saturday and that game is against Lamar. UK is expected to roll, no big story there, but Lamar’s head coach is none other than Pat Knight, son of uber-douche Bob Knight. This will give Kentucky fans a little more satisfaction as they beat the demon seed’s brains in.

– How lame are these guys?

– As of now the Cards are #4 in the nation and 12-0, while the Cats are #3 in the nation and sitting at one loss. The polls won’t change until next Monday, so regardless if the Cards get beat by a very tough, ranked Georgetown team on Wednesday night (which I think will happen) it will be #4 against #3 and possibly two 1 loss teams.

– I wonder how hard John Calipari and his staff were laughing as they dissected the Louisville/WKU debacle?

– The big question on everyone’s mind is if Terrence Jones will play against Louisville. No word on that yet, but be rest assured that it will be a topic of much conversation as the game gets closer. The Wildcats have been rolling along without him for the past few games, but make no mistake, we will need the REAL Terrence Jones to show up against the Cards in order to give them the sound thumping they deserve. I would bet that TJ will be ready to go.

That’s all for now. See you at midnight for my first post solely dedicated to hating Louisville for the week. Adios, muchachos.


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