Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Exhibition Edition

The first game started slowly for UK and Cal has immediately tweaked the lineup, inserting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist into the starting five. UK pulled away in the second half and put up an impressive win but did start slow in the game. Cal is looking to Kidd-Gilchrist to bring the same intensity he brought from the bench in the first game from the beginning of the game and to put this game away early.
The big question is who will be taken out of the starting lineup? As much as I hate to say it since I love Miller’s game, I think Darius Miller will be coming off the bench in this one. He had a fine game but did nothing overly impressive, and I think him coming off the bench could be a wake up call for him to attack every possession against Morehouse. The good part about this is I feel like Miller and Kidd-Gilchrist are both competitors and leaders and neither will have a problem with who is starting.
Miller needs to use this to find his aggressiveness and use it as a tool to show the rest of the team that he is the leader of this team, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team win. I think if Miller does this, it could help this team more than anything else Cal could do. Miller can show the team that if UK wants to win a national championship then sacrifices have to be made and a senior is willing to make them just like freshmen should.
I am also expecting the press to be a bigger factor in this game in creating turnovers. Cal said the team had only practiced the press 15 minutes before the Transy game and it showed. He also said they worked on it a lot more and I think this team could be more equipped to press than any team I have seen in a long time. If this team can press effectively then watch out, there could be some lopsided games coming in the very near future as teams will struggle to even get the ball up the court, much less a good shot.
I am going to leave you with one of my favorite youtube videos of this years team made back during the summer. I watched it several times getting ready for the season and I think you will enjoy it:

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