Calipari has a message for all of you basketball players

If you play basketball, and you’re in high school, John Calipari has a message for all of you. Even though I doubt that we even have somewhat of a high school audience here at Wildcat Blue Nation, Calipari wants the free prospects that are out there to listen and pay attention. He posted a message on his webstite earlier today, preparing for Fall Signing Day which is next week.
On there, he basically explained, or didn’t explain, why Kentucky is a “players first” program. Calipari is always looking to turn heads in the right direction when it comes to recruiting. But he also was quick to mention that people should disreagard anything they hear about the program our coach, since according to him some coaches fans, etc. tend to say outlandish things.
“Before we get to National Signing Day, and as players wind down their decision process, I would hope everyone – players and fans – understand that if you start hearing outlandish things, understand it’s out of desperation. Some of the stuff I’ve heard thrown out there during this recruiting process is ridiculous and crazy.Desperate people will do and say desperate things. I want everyone to understand that we’re not desperate at Kentucky. We’re not talking about other programs.If someone asks me about another school or another coach, it’s going to be nothing but positive because we don’t concern ourselves with other programs. What these kids see when they visit here is exactly what they get when they come to play basketball and study at the University of Kentucky.We don’t guarantee anybody a spot or make any outlandish promises.
This is a player-first program built on the foundation of helping these players reach their dreams, but the only way they get there is by working hard and taking advantage of opportunities. Nothing is given here. You earn what you deserve.Let me leave you with this: If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true. If it sounds too outrageous to be true, it’s probably too outrageous to be true.”
In my opinion, it was another smart move by Calipari. Some skeptics might look at it as a last ditch effort in order to get unsigned players at Kentucky. I look at it as a reaffirmation of why the best recruits do, and will continue, to come to Kentucky.

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